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Tonight’s Gender of the Night is: OMEN


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Christ the Redeemer by Yiannis Pavlis
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Harsh noise great T.E.F. also added!


Eli Lothar - Abbatoirs de La Vilette, 1929

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Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1993, printed 1997
Gilles Peress (French, born 1946)

French photographer Gilles Peress’ work in Bosnia stems from a lifelong interest in capturing the harshness and reality of life. This interest has taken him from a French coal-mining village to Northern Ireland, Iran, and Rwanda, among other troubled locations. He spent three months in Bosnia during 1993 and created several unflinching images of the death, destruction, and pain caused by the war there. This photograph starkly portrays a body in a morgue, its materiality likened to the tiles on the wall and the cement of the floor. Peress’ intention is to cut through the indifference of viewers inundated by reportorial photographs: “My point is that we, in the comfort of our lives, must question our role in the history of Bosnia, which is also our history.” This print was originally published in Peress’ 1995 book Farewell to Bosnia, in which the photographs are accompanied by his commentary.”

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Solitary confinement torture by the numbers:

  • 81,622: Number of prisoners in solitary confinement across the United States in 2005, the last year for which the federal government released data

  • 11,730: Number of inmates held in isolation in California prisons today

  • 7: Percentage of California inmates who are in isolation

  • 39: Percentage of inmate suicides that happen in isolation units

  • 78: Percentage of Security Housing Unit (SHU) inmates not classified as gang “leaders” or “members”

  • $12,317: Extra annual cost to taxpayers for each prisoner in the Pelican Bay SHU

  • 11’7” x 7’7”: Dimensions of a SHU cell at Pelican Bay

  • 6’ x 8’: Dimensions of the average American home’s walk-in closet

  • 51: Percentage of Pelican Bay SHU inmates who have spent at least five years in isolation

  • 89: Number who have been in solitary for at least 20 years

  • 1: Number who have been there for 42 years


Nicholas Alan Cope


Angulaire by mistral_mars on Flickr.


sacred-geometries-1-tessellation - by callidus guild